PPO license test

Pass the PPO exam



Private Patrol Officer license test

California PPO license testing


a nice fellow failed
his PPO license test
for the 16th time.

We know exactly why.

The material he got from the State
to 'study' only covered about 10
of the 100 questions on his first test.

Then when he came back for a
re-test, he learned the secret:

there are six different tests!

He tried 15 more times,

He could have passed the first time,
or any time since,
if he knew the material at
(click here)

But he hasn't done what you have:
you used Google to find the
PPO license test study material package!


Its not just a 'security test'.
Its also about business, employees,
taxes, fines, regulations, immigration,
patrol cars, uniforms, badges, patches,
and FAR more.


Here are the exact steps to
become a PPO in 2016,
from start-to-finish: PPOlicenseTest.com